Roaming Moray Towers in Hoverboard Splatfest

21st September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Moray Towers in the second Hoverboard Splatfest battle! Let's see what I can do. It has been a while since I've been here for a Turf War.

Of course, the map has been modified, so my normal route isn't quite as effective, or risky, and I adopt a different route that should be less expected.

I am expected, or at least noticed. I dodge the Killer Wail, a bit of ink, and get a mutual splatting. So it goes on Moray Towers, I suppose.

I get back in to the battle and up the other side of the tower unmolested, and do my best to ink as much turf teal, working my way to the top. I try to check the top gauge to see how many orange inklings are being sent back to base, just as a precaution.

Another Killer Wail is aimed my way, and I somehow dodge that too, splatting the assailant with a well-thrown Suction Bomb. But I soon get plenty of attention, more than I handle.

I get another chance to go up the other side of the Towers, and I take it. The orange team is ascending our side, but I reckon I can keep up with them.

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