Trying to evade in Hoverboard Splatfest

23rd September 2016 – 7.00 am

We were two chargers and two Rollers. Not the best combination, but it worked a bit. One Roller drops out, and we get a shooter as a replacement. That feels like it should be better.

I have an opposite number, it seems. A Splatterscope on the orange team who is out to get me, like I am out to get her. The opening salvo is almost like looking in a mirror, it's uncanny. We both survive.

It looks like the Slosher is a bigger threat to me, as I suppose it should be. I really need to keep out of its way. But the battle probably turns after just over a minute, when that puff of orange mist suggests the Jetpack team lose an inkling permanently.

Let's hope we still have a good battle. I tussle with the Splatterscope again, and again it's the Slosher that deals with me. After that, it looks like a better idea to ink some turf on our side of the map, as it is quite bare. And then back to the Splatterscope, who evades me, my Splat Bomb Rush, and splats me.

And so does the Slosher, after my not-quite-full charge doesn't splat her. It was a good battle after all, and they did much better than us, considering.

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