Watch the skies in Hoverboard Splatfest

23rd September 2016 – 7.00 pm

Not a great battle for me. That inkling is not going to approach when I'm on my perch, and I miss him when he jumps. And my Splat Bomb throws are a bit feeble. And I am lacking just that little bit of range when I see an Inkstrike being launched. Bleh.

I become more progressive in an attempt to feel useful, and get a decent foothold on the other side of the tower. Maybe that perks me up enough to get a great splat of the inkling coming down! But I miss the Roller heading towards me. Probably not much I could have done about that, except follow my Roller squidmate's lead and jump away.

And sorry, fellow charger, but I had turf to ink. I probably should have partied for a few seconds with him, all the same.

The only other moment worth mentioning comes right a tthe culmination of the battle. I manage to stop myself jumping in to the middle of a Killer Wail, splat the approaching inkling, and avoid a Roller splat whilst splatting the Roller. Great finish, mediocre battle.

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