Relaxing at the resort in Hoverboard Splatfest

26th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I'll just hang back and take it easy on Mahi-Mahi Resort, much like on Saltspray Rig. I don't really have the vantage point here as I do on the Rig, but I shouldn't feel pressured in to venturing far from our base.

I ink some turf, then try to deal with some incursion threats. I get a splat on an inkling I didn't think was in range, but that's just a bonus, then hit a squid mid-jump, which is more skill than I usually display. Back to normal as I go for a swim, though.

As the water level drops, I get bolder, mostly looking for mre turf to ink, but really because I am feeling positive. I get a couple of good splats too!

Finally I am splatted back, thanks to the orange inklings and their Bubblers. Fair play to them! It's been a good battle.

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