Holding the Resort in Hoverboard Splatfest

27th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

The Tri-slosher isn't as straightforward to use as a shooter in Turf War, but I'm happy to stick with it for now. Let's see how it does on Mahi-Mahi resort.

I take my normal route around the back, but taking a little longer to charge up the Bubbler, and come up on the charger undetected. Splat goes one charger.

I move around the back and ink some turf, until two lasers seek me. Pop goes the Bubbler, and splat goes the charger ahead of hme. The one above just takes one hit, before squidding away. Away to line up the Killer Wail. I can't avoid that in time.

A bit of a dance on a platform is not a winning position against a charger a bit later, though. That doesn't deter me from going back, as our team remains in a strong position. I get another splat, never mind that I use the Bubbler to get it, and keep our position strong with more ink sloshed around.

I push my luck a little at the end. With the orange team pushed right back, I should try to get to that part of the map, past their base, and turn my back on them. Silly billy me. But, still, a good victory for us.

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