Sloshing the Towers in Hoverboard Splatfest

28th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

The Splattershot Jr was fun, but it's time for another change. The Tri-slosher is a favourite of mine in Ranked, but I never really got used to it in Turf War. I'd like to give it another try, though.

Sloshing ink down from high on Moray Towers seems like a good plan, but the real trick is to slosh it up the other side. I work my way there, get my Bubbler running, and get a decent splat. But I outstay my welcome and get ganged up on. Back to the base. (I should remember I can super-jump to the base too.)

I try a different route to the other side of the towers, but get unlucky with the timing and run in to a Roller. Or the Roller runs in to me. The same route has me forced back, where I bungle a disruptor throw and get splatted by The Kraken. Not a Kraken, mind you.

A squidmate and I have the same idea to get rid of a Beakon, which we do, and the inkling super-jumping to it. Good stuff! From there, it's another different route up the tower, but being pursued. The pursuer pasues, so I go back. That beep is the Inkstrike being programmed! I am not quick enough to interrupt it, but I do splat the launching inkling, and the incoming super-jumper again.

A final dash around sloshing ink here and there, and I once again end the battle victorious but standing on our base. The Tri-slosher can work quite well.

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