You can't fire me, I quit! in Hoverboard Splatfest

28th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Sometimes I miss jumps because I don't hit the button in time (apparently). Other times, it's just because the gap is bigger than I think. Or maybe it's out of spite. I jump in to the water just so that you don't get to splat me.

No, not really. I just got the jump really wrong. A bit like that blue squid trying to get rid of me at the start of the battle. In to the water he goes.

I press ahead, but am wary of being caught and splatted. That is, until a friendly Inkstrike looks to cover my advance. Forwards I go, and I get the first splat! I get greedy and go for the E-litre 3K too, but he has reinforcements. This is my first failed jump. It looks like I just give up.

Let's ink some turf. This has the double effect of charging my Bubbler AND helping us win the battle. I get behind a blue inkling without realising, and splat him. Moving on gets me to the aid of a squidmate, and I get another couple of splats, albeit with a panic hit of the Bubbler.

Poor jump number two arrives. Maybe the E-litre 3K gets me worried. Whatever it is, I dunk myself again for no reason. No bother, back I go. I help to splat an incoming super-jumper, and move back to suppress the jetpacks some more. We have a good hold of this battle.

I even learn from previous mistakes, and instead of pushing up when my Bubbler says no, I turn around and live to ink another day. Or a few more seconds, anyway.

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