Providing support in Tower Control

29th September 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm flitting around the weapons tonight, more to avoid inklings than explore options. But it seems to work either way.

The Tri-slosher is always a fun weapon to use, and works well in Tower Control. Being able to slosh ink up and down makes it versatile, and not having to aim so much makes it better for me in tense situations.

Rather than ride the tower this time, I am aiming to provide support. That means inking trails, splatting the opposition, or getting splatted instead of a squidmate. I think I do a fair job of it too.

As well as distracting the opposition, and splatting a few of them, I manage to lose sight of the tower. I am not taking a breather when I head backwards, I am wondering where this moving beacon has gone. Not a problem, though! I find it again, and continue with my inking.

Heading around the back of the green team is a bit sneaky, but with the tower moving forwards it seems like a good opportunity. I get a bit distracted by the Splattershot, popping my Bubbler to keep myself safe nearly makes me chase him.

I keep my head and go back, splatting the charger and helping to keep my squidmates riding the tower safe.

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