Taking a late lead in Tower Control

29th September 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm not sure what weapon to start with this session. I opt for the Custom Blaster, which has worked well in Tower Control before, but I don't know about using it on these maps.

I get off to a good enough start, splatting a fellow blaster, but then embroil myself too closely in the action. That won't end well for me.

At least that splatting reminds me to use my weapon more like it was meant to be used, and I start to hit inklings at range and around corners. That's more like it. But it doesn't move the tower forwards.

Getting on the tower moves the tower forwards. I don't move it enough the first time, having to bail out because of encroaching rollers, which get me anyway. They get me again, the next time I am on the tower. But let's not give up!

Taking back the tower with an Inkstrike behind me by getting a couple of splats is encouraging. Pushing the tower forwards, getting a couple of splats, and my squidmates taking the lead is even better! Now we just have to keep hold of it.

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