Not your typical charger in Tower Control

30th September 2016 – 7.00 am

Chargers should really hang back, shoot from afar, keep a safe anchor for the team. And I try to do that, most of the time. Maybe some of the time, at least. But I get caught up in the heat of the battle, and like to support my team. And swapping from short-range weapons keeps those strategies in mind a bit too.

I start off being a charger, but when my squidmates ride the tower I have to follow them. I don't have to sneak around the back, and I'm not entirely sure what my motive was there, as I doubt I could splat many before being cornered. But I evade my pursuer for long enough to feel useful.

That pause at the top of the side route is to ensure my Splat Bomb destroyed the Beakon dropped by the purple team. Another one is placed there later, which I Splat Bomb again, at about 3'20". Getting the splat right after that is just a bonus.

Having to backtrack as the tower approaches with a Kraken is not embarrassing. Not having enough ink to throw a Splat Bomb until I've gone through a grate, then throw the Splat Bomb on the grate is embarrassing.

At least I don't embarrass myself too much in front of other inklings. I throw some good Splat Bombs at other times, ride the tower, ink paths, and avoid the Kraken. In the end, it looks like I help the team enough to secure a good victory.

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