Splatting for the knockout in Tower Control

2nd October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Squidding works better in ink, it seems. My quick movement with the Tri-slosher isn't as smooth at the start of this battle, but I still get a couple of early splats to trade for just one of me. From that, I return to help ride the tower a bit, but that splatling has to go.

I deter the splatling a little, but she's a slippery Kraken. I have to ignore her, and instead get splatted by a Blaster from ground level, where my ink doesn't slosh quickly enough.

Our lead is threatened, but luckily we get the tower back soon enough. Riding it back the other way, my Bubbler chargers when I am under fire, and popping it gives me an excellent advantage. Not only do I get a quad splat against the other team, but I splat them in left-to-right order as their icons appear on the top of the screen! Woomy!

One last push, and one last splat, hopefully taking one for the team and not just being a bit rubbish, and the tower trundles onwards to the goal. Another woomy!

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