Splatting the way to the goal in Tower Control

3rd October 2016 – 7.00 am

I grab the Splatterscope for Moray Towers Tower Control, and then perform quite average on Museum d'Aflonsino for a couple of games, and get stomped when Moray Towers turns up. I should change weapon.

The Tri-slosher is a perennial favourite of mine for Tower Control, and it works a charm again in this game. Maybe a fluke, maybe good squidmates. Maybe a bit of both, with some added skill.

Sneaking around the side ofr some splats doesn't work. as I forget again that all the extra platforms aren't in the Tower Control version of Moray Towers, so I go for the tower instead. And then leave the tower, as I am given the opportunity to go up another side route.

This diversion works much better! I splat one squid raining ink down on the tower, and a second, whose Splash Wall doesn't open in time. I rain ink down from above, splatting a third inkling, and then the fourth appears to shoo me, but I splat him too. Back of the net!

It's only a short ride after that, with little resistance, to get the Tower to the goal.

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