A little sloshing in the Splat Zones

8th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Still in S Rank, playing a little later. STILL there are Japanese players, now up after 5 am. Sure, this is obviously the kind of dedication I put in to my games. Whatever, I'm feeling a bit fresher, the ranked battle is now over Splat Zones, and I think a Slosher would be a good idea.

The Slosher works quite well right at the start, letting me use a block to stop ink hitting me whilst sloshing over the top of it. Ignore the part where I squid up a wall and fall down, though.

Of course, I'm cheesing my gear a little, doubling up on defence. I'm not sure how much difference it will make. Some, perhaps, but much less when I am disrupted by a Tri-slosher, or have a Splash Wall to slosh over. I am mostly just outclassed yet again.

We win, with little thanks to me, but at least I contribute a bit. Yay, I get to stay in S Rank.

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