Going past the Splat Zones

8th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm clearly in the better team in this battle. I don't honestly think I can say that I make a difference. Sure, I make a pretty good start, getting some splats, staying safe, laying down an Inkstrike, but it's my squidmates who press the advantage.

I think it's going pretty well, until I realise there is another route to the centre of the map. We should probably go back and cover that too, as we are losing the Splat Zones.

Despite my luck in getting on a decent team, I am still clearly an Inkzooka magnet. That's frustrating. Running backwards in to a Splat Bomb after I have to pause in opposition territory to refill my tank is just one of those things, though.

Another win, and maybe I can be useful in S Rank. But no, not really, as the next few games prove. I have a horrible time and, thankfully, get knocked back down to A+.

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