Flanking for the knockout in Rainmaker

9th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Pretty much this whole match is an accident. I want to jump past the Rainmaker to get a splat or two and slow down the opposition, but I get bumped to the side.

Sure I get a splat, but not the way I wanted. Not inking the wall properly doesn't work either. But at least I make it to the top again and get my not-so-sneaky-anymore splat. By that point, the Rainmaker jumps past me. I have to appreciate his directness.

I follow the Rainmaker, popping my Bubbler half for protection, half for a full tank of ink. I try to ink the path and protect the Rainmaker, and think I get splatted.

Thankfully, it was a squidmate acting as a squidshield for me, and I recover my bearings quickly enough to give a 'Nice!' for the excellent win.

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