Ignoring the objective in Splat Zones

9th October 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm on a losing streak in Splat Zones. Clearly my mojo has left me. Instead of trying to cover the Splat Zones I go on a skirmish, hoping that whatever disruption I can cause will be enough to let my squidmates take control.

I start quite well, aiming to get not just behind the opposition but right behind them, and it works. I get a decent splat on the oppressing E-litre 3K. I try for a second splat, but miss with the disruptor, and slosh when I should have squidded. But never mind!

Or maybe I should mind. I skirmish a bit more, get ambushed by the E-litre 3K, now as a Kraken, and the battle ends. Knockout to them. I wasn't that disruptive, I suppose.

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