Super splats in Tower Control (8-5, Splatterscope)

15th October 2016 – 7.00 am

The Splatterscope is working well for me this session. If it's just a weekend phenomenon, I should at least remember that. Or maybe I am just getting my mojo back.

Two lucky splats fall in my lap at around 50", which makes it look like I know what I'm doing. I also move out of the way of an incoming Inkstrike before it lands. Nice.

Okay, I forget that I can't recharge outside of my ink, but everyone does that, right? I soon return to normal, and back on my perch I may miss a shot but get a lucky Splat Bomb throw, which splats the Roller as I am knocked off my perch with a Burst Bomb. My special charges as that happens, letting me throw more Splat Bombs and advance bhind them, getting another excellently lucky splat of an inkling on the tower.

I get caught up in tower mayhem for a bit, returning after respawn to my perch. My Splat Bomb Rush happens at the right time again, and although it can't save me from the Inkzooka (nothing can), it makes the splat mutual, and gets me a second.

A desire to win forces us forwards in to pressured situations after that, which is not a good position. But I don't mind not winning the battle if we have a good game. And this was another good game!

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