Badly losing the battle in Rainmaker (11-6, Splatterscope)

16th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

It's not a bad loss, we just lose in a way that is really bad for me. But that's closer to the end, really.

I wonder what my strategy is for Mahi-Mahi Resort Rainmaker as the battle begins. Ink turf, aim for inklings, wing it in finding safe perches, I suppose.

The battle starts fairly well, although my aim really doesn't. We get a decent push on the Rainmaker early, but I linger on my perch, having missed a couple of shots, and get splatted.

The lead is lost, and I show signs of rust in my aim that are quite poor. I snatch at my shots, missing the Rainmaker once, and again but three times on the next carry. It's embarrassing. But I soldier on, this is just me trying to get better.

We get the lead back! Good support and good paths help us, although maybe we could have got closer had I splatted the opposition charger. But that is always the way. At least I splat the Rainmaker in one shot the next time I see it.

Down to a few seconds, and they get the Rainmaker, the water is low, opening up a new path, and I have the chance to end the battle as it enters overtime. One poor shot, a poor Splat Bomb, and a terrible shot opens up the route for the yellow team. We lose. Sorry team. I need to practice more.

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