Last-minute goal in Rainmaker (5-7, Splatterscope)

17th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Let's see if I can make amends for the previous battle. Not by splatting that Roller, it seems. Not until he stands stock still for me, anyway.

Desperate to do better, I grab the Rainmaker as soon as it is available and dash for the opposition turf. Of course, that doesn't go too well, but at least it gets us in their territory.

We engage in some to-and-fro for a while. I make a poor decision jumping down to the Rainmaker being burst, but see an inkling make a heroic scrabble up the side of a ledge to escape the water.

My Splat Bombing game is not on form in this battle, which is disappointing. At least to make up for it I get some decent splats, which I actually intend to make. Maybe I'm more relaxed by then.

And, in the end, two squidmates grab the Rainmaker and provide support to make a late dash for the podium. As the purple team seem to be embroiled in petty squabbles, it looks from my gamepad like they have a relatively clear run. Good job, squids! I give them a 'Nice!' and super-jump in case they need some more help, but they have everything under control.

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