Raining ink in Splat Zones (8-5, Slosher)

18th October 2016 – 7.00 am

My losing streak continues. I've tried a bunch of weapons too. One last try to be useful in Splat Zones, and I shall opt for the basic Slosher. It should throw plenty of ink around, and hopefully keep me a safe distance away from trouble, as long as I control my impetuous nature.

We battle on Moray Towers, which is almost perfect for the Slosher. I can sit on the ledge above our Splat Zone and keep good control of it. I can even spot if the other team's inklings try to flank me. So that's what I do, at least for a minute.

It looks like we are in control and that Splatterscope is causing problems. Enough problems that I think I can help, so down I squid and, well, get caught up in a lot of purple ink. Back to Plan A.

I keep good control of our Splat Zone again, although maybe that's more to do with my squidmates holding back the opposition. And once again I am tempted forwards, only to meet resistance immediately.

But the third time, I actually splat a couple of encroaching inklings, charge my Inkstrike, and hit that Splatterscope with the Inkstrike! That's being useful.

I follow up the Inkstrike to go behind opposition lines, and almost effectively. Perhaps I should have backed off from the super-jumper a bit further.

In the final minute, we take solid control of the two Splat Zones to take a lead that probably won't be beaten, not if I keep a calm head. So it's back to the ledge and protecting our Splat Zones again. Finally, a win this evening.

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