Back and forth mayhem in Rainmaker (5-7, Splatterscope)

19th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Tonight's not my night with the Splatterscope. I'm not getting the splats, my aim isn't there. More than usual.

I may not be aiming well, but I'm squidding okay. I squid up a neat wall to the Rainmaker to start with, even if I probably shouldn't, but I survive, and get a go with the Rainmaker.

I somehow make it up the wall, and splat the inkling chasing me. Things are looking good, with support with me, until my instincts kick in and I pause, not moving back forwards quickly enough to avoid the Splat Bomb rolled my way. Never mind.

I try to sneak around the back, thinking I'd get a sneaky splat, but the other team are ahead of me, literally. I am even too late with a Splat Bomb Rush to stop them. We lose our lead.

I don't quite know how my Splat Bomb didn't splat the Rainmaker, and I can only assume my shot wasn't charged enough, but it's a little frustrating, to add on top of that Splattershot still on the other team. Maybe I can grow up to be that good.

Another push by us gets us the lead back, which would be more convincing if I could aim and splat those inklings raining ink down from above. This is hopefully good practice, though. And it does get a bit hectic in that space. I should perhaps be hanging back.

In the dying seconds of the battle, the purple team get the Rainmaker back and push close to the podium. It almost looks like they'll get a late knockout, but we endure and get one last chance ourselves. It's a long shot, though, from deep in our territory to deep in theirs, with no mistakes, and we barely get past half way. Never mind.

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