Doing more with a bucket in Rainmaker (14-9, Tri-slosher)

19th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Okay, I'm swapping the Splatterscope for a different weapon. The Splattershot Jr? No, the Tri-slosher, I think. I'm sure I can do some damage with the bucket. Or I can squid in to the laser sight of an E-litre 3K quite effectively.

More precaution needed. So, of course, I spot the E-litre 3K and head straight towards it. Mind you, keeping the E-litre busy maybe helps my squidmates take a charge down the centre of the map with the Rainmaker. And that lets me join in and get three excellent sloshing splats!

I follow-up those splats with some more, feeling much better about my weapon choice. So good, in fact, that I try to flank the E-litre 3K completely, going via their base. But this isn't a Turf War, and the purple inklings splat me easily, as I once again forget about my Bubbler.

But the splats keep coming, including on a vulnerable E-litre 3K (when the Rainmaker should probably be my target). I splat the Rainmaker a bit later, on his way to our base, so that's good. I push forwards to re-ink the turf, and only realise a bit late that the inkling above is launching an Inkstrike! Never mind, an inkling is super-jumping in, so I stay to splat them, and it's the E-litre 3K, who can't Burst Bomb me quickly enough. Nice.

A bit of flanking at the end of the battle doesn't get me the splat I was looking for, but only because a squidmate beat me too it. And it does get me the Rainmaker, once I burst its shield, and I carry it as the clock ticks down to victory for us. Woomy!

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