Keeping it green in Splat Zones (4-5, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2016 – 7.00 pm

More Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones. I try a new tactic for the start of this battle, squidding right down the middle and through our Splat Zone to falnk the enemy a different way.

The plan works initially, helped by the good inking of my squidmates, but I am spotted and awaited as I cross the bridge. Never mind! I try again, pausing only ink our Splat Zone. I get a little further, but not much, and no splat. But my squidmate gets him, so that's good.

We've had inklings come around the side in the meantime, and I take time to cover up their easy squidding path, only to get splatted. Oh well. A second attempt doesn't end any better. Do I learn my lesson? Yes! I take the central route again. It doesn't seem much safer, but I hold my own against the Splat Charger.

Another opportunity to flank, another time splatted, thanks to opposing Bubblers. But the reset back to base gives me another opportunity to take on the charger and win, just as he desperately tries to get the Killer Wail out too.

All of this inking and splatting, most of it in opposition territory, ensures that the Splat Zones stay mostly our colour. We get the knockout victory with some time to spare. Woomy!

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