More than enough for the Splat Zones (4-2, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2016 – 7.00 am

Sticking with the Tri-slosher, Camp Triggerfish comes up. Do I slide down the middle, or go around the side? Around the side, I think. It's worked for me before with the Tri-slosher, so let's see how it works out this time.

A bit of caution seems to work for me, letting me ink the Splat Zones and get a splat. Pressing further in to opponent territory offers new opportunities for flanking, which I take with both suction cups. I bag a couple of splats and irritate the opposition before I'm splatted back to the base.

It looks like we're losing the closer Splat Zone, so I make my way down the left route, aiming to slosh ink down from atop the fence. But by the time I get there my squidmates have the Splat Zone covered. That's fine by me. I disrupt an inkling across the gap, which is about all I can do, and watch for ink to cover.

I don't have long to wait. We're quite in control, it seems, and the count ticks down to a knockout victory fairly quickly. Woomy!

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