Trying to walk it in, in Rainmaker (9-8, Splatterscope)

25th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Chargers versus shooters in Rainmaker. Not a great match-up, but so it goes.

There is a royal rumble in the centre of Arowana Mall to start with, where I also get a nice and lucky splat on the Rainmaker to begin. But so much ink is flying it doesn't look safe.

When the purple looks less than the yellow, I dive forwards, grab the Rainmaker, and try to clear the path above me. It works! Thanks, Rainmaker. Another blast and a bit of a squid and we take the lead, after which it looks quicker to walk for a bit.

It's a bit cheeky of me, and probably not terribly wise, to walk with the Rainmaker, and I inevitably lose it. But we have a pretty good lead. It should last us, well, longer than it actually does.

Although we put up some sort of resistance, we are being pushed back quite firmly. Losing the lead is only a matter of time, and done in such a fashion that it doesn't look like we can regain it.

Never mind. We can at least prevent their getting a knockout victory, and apart from the usual annoying Inkzooka splat against me, I do quite well overall. Perhaps I could have pressed further forwards near the end, although I wasn't aware how well my squidmates we doing then. More awareness required.

The final push in extra time is a little desperate, but it bags me an extra couple of splats, so that's okay.

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