Fast and frantic Splat Zones (2-1, Splatterscope)

26th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

Walleye Warehouse can be good for the Splatterscope, particularly in Splat Zones, where you can hang back and ink the turf relatively safely. That is, until you are flanked by inklings going down the side routes. It's a good map.

I try to hold back and keep myself safe, which is my general plan with the Splatterscope anyway, but when we look to have good control over the Splat Zones I press forwards to try to keep even more turf our colour, and prevent the other team from gaining a foothold.

That doesn't work, and the yellow team take control. Quite well, too, keeping the Splat Zones for long enough to take the lead, and pressing forwards to control our home turf too. Good job, yellow team.

We regroup and start throwing ink everywhere. Before we know it, the Splat Zones are ours again. Now, if we can just hold them, we should do okay.

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