Staying fresh in S-Rank Splat Zones (6-1, Splatterscope)

26th October 2016 – 7.00 am

Splat Zones, with Port Mackerel and Walleye Warehouse. I think the Splatterscope could be useful here. In other tentacles, perhaps, but I'm sticking with the 'scope whilst I remain in S-Rank battles.

My first battle of the session is on Port Mackerel, where I have definite tactics, mostly to stay on a perch over our Splat Zone and keep it covered in our ink.

Much like most encounters, my tactic block is discarded within a minute or so, as circumstances change. My squidmates appear to have good control of the turf, making me squid in ink and do nothing.

I jump down to help control the channels more, whilst remaining aware of the Splat Zone itself. This works quite well for a while, but the purple team manage to make a good push forwards and force us back.

My one being splatted comes from the second Killer Wail, whose direction I misguage. Oops. But that's still a damned good result. I also get a decent handful of splats myself, albeit a couple with Splat Bombs. But that's what Splat Bombs are for, so I'm okay counting them.

I doubt the rest of my battles will be this good, but I shall continue for a few more, just in case I've got good overnight.

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