Making an effort in S-Rank Rainmaker (7-4, Splatterscope)

27th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

I'm getting stomped in S Rank again. I could swap to a different weapon, but I'm sticking with the Splatterscope and either going to improve, or going to drop out of S Rank.

Of course, there is a third option of not really improving, but occasionally having a decent battle, and with the help of my squidmates stay in S-Rank purgatory forever. That's kinda what's happening.

At least the occasional decent battle gives me some kind of reassurance that I don't completely suck. It's a little disheartening when, as in previous battles, what look like good shots somehow miss. But some hit, and some I even aim for. So that's something.

I think my Splat Bombs are more effective in this battle, which I'm okay with. It would be nice if I could steady my aim somewhat too. But the occasional good splat, like the one on the Rainmaker, keeps me going.

Of course, we pull off the victory, mostly thanks to my squidmates, but I hope I helped too. It does mean more battles in S Rank for me, though.

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