Getting inky in Rainmaker (5-3, Splatterscope)

28th October 2016 – 7.00 am

More morale-destroying losses in S-Rank Rainmaker follow the previous battle. But I persevere. I have to, or I'll never drop out of S Rank, or never play Ranked battles again.

A decent first splat is followed by inching off my perch. Oops. I exercise caution and don't press forwards to the heated centre, and instead make my way back. So that I can get splatted in revenge, it seems.

The purple team get a great lead, thanks to some good turf control. A fellow charger gets the all-important splat on the Rainmaker before it can be dunked, but takes the splat for it too. I have to satisfy myself with mopping up a stray inkling.

It's not likely that we'll get a victory in this battle, which kinda suits me, and I'm also getting a few good splats in, so the battle is going quite well overall, particularly as we get a decent offensive push, so we're not forever on the back foot.

I don't always know where the Rainmaker is in this battle. And I am nowhere near as good as my fellow S-Rank squids. But I do my best, and sometimes that seems like it's enough.

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