Making up for an earlier mistake in Rainmaker (6-6, Splatterscope)

28th October 2016 – 7.00 pm

First battle of the evening, and I get caught up a bit in a charger showdown. I don't know why, I'm likely to lose.

It also means I have no idea where the Rainmaker is, because I'm not looking at either the progress meter at the top of the screen or my gamepad. Not until I get a couple of lucky-ish splats with a well-time Splat Bomb.

By the time I've worked out where the Rainmaker is, it's not there any more. I'm playing catch-up, and losing at that. How embarrassing.

I try to make up for my indiscretion by taking responsibility for the Rainmaker. Okay, I would have done that anyway, but in this case doing so and going an alternative route works! The option to squid through the grate when I did probably helped.

We have the lead back! I'd like to keep it, even if it means staying in S Rank for longer, so I do what I can to keep our turf inked, and try to get some splats where I can. I think I do quite well, overall.

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