Late push in Tower Control (4-9, Custom Blaster)

6th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

Having dropped out of S Rank, I opt for a different weapon. I think I'd be more effective with the Tri-slosher, but I also don't want to climb right back up to S Rank if I can help it.

I remember that I tried a Blaster in Tower Control before, and that I found it quite effective, so I give it a go again. Of course, it takes me a little while to remember how to use it, so the battle doesn't really go my way to start with.

I don't regret that super-jump. I knew that the inkling on the tower in opposition territory was alone, that my other squidmates were just leaving our base, and that I'd be jumping to my splat. But it held the tower for a couple of seconds longer, and that can be important.

I take some time to wander the map in the middle of the battle. I am actually trying to flank the other team, even though it looks like I'm being a tourist. I think I waste their time a little. Even so, by the end, they have a solid lead over us. I've just had a battle like this in S Rank. We didn't come back from that one.

A minute to go and we don't have control of the tower. Thirty seconds to go and we still don't. Well, maybe I will be staying in A+ Rank for a while. Maybe even drop to A Rank. Unless my Bubbler charges as I ride the tower in to extra time, that is.

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