Hard work Rainmaker (4-8, Soda Slosher)

8th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've dropped out of S Rank, but the battles don't really seem to get much easier. Well, maybe they do, kinda. They get more to my level, which keeps them challenging without being stressful.

Rainmaker today, with Flounder Heights and Port Mackerel. An excellent combination all around, and I'll stick with the Soda Slosher for now, as I enjoyed that yesterday.

I opt for a slightly different approach to the Rainmaker, hoping to come up from underneath and surprise the opposition. But one of their inklings comes that way too, and in trying to splat him the Rainmaker bursts and splats me. Oh well.

I'm lucky to avoid the Killer Wail that sinks through the floor in front of me, but have less luck in not avoiding picking up the Rainmaker. I don't think I have it even when I get it, which I'll use to explain my lethargic movement.

Rainmaker is a lot of fun, and Flounder Heights an excellent map. I like inking turf to keep or regain our advantage. I like going for splats for support. I like carrying the Rainmaker. It's okay when we lose too, at least when we put up a good battle. And this was a good battle.

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