Working the Soda Slosher in Rainmaker (10-10, Soda Slosher)

11th November 2016 – 7.00 am

Surprise Rainmaker! I was trying to jump across the grate to continue sloshing, and thought my squidmate picked up the Rainmaker. Nope! Okay, we get a three-point lead, but I don't think it was worth the splat.

I notice a motif in this battle. The other team like to lie in wait and splat me. Or they just notice my ink and don't engage when it's not safe. Either way, I get splatted a lot.

To be fair, I splat the other team an equal amount. That puts the Soda Slosher close to the Tri-slosher in its splatting effectiveness. Mind you, I get an excellent and not at all lucky double-splat with the Rainmaker itself, and a superb Inkzooka splat on a landing super-jumper.

But the Soda Slosher does some excellent work too. I felt like swapping away from it during the evening, but only for some variety, not because it wasn't working, or I wasn't enjoying it. That's good! Despite the loss, I've had a lot of fun tonight.

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