Blowing my big moment in Splat Zones (2-2, Tri-slosher)

14th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I like Arowana Mall. But instead of using the Splatterscope and sitting on my perch, I'm sticking with the Tri-slosher after its excellent outing yesterday.

And I have a plan for the start of the battle. I will rush the centre, then ignore the Splat Zones and attempt to flank the opposition. Denying them access to the Splat Zones is as good as denying them the Splat Zones themselves.

What do you know, it actually works. A healthy bit of luck tossed in with some decent movement, and the inkling I face chucks a Splat Bomb over the top of me, rather than shooting ink. I splat him and move on.

I ink some opposition turf, take out a Beakon, and spy new targets. How I don't splat them is a bit of a mystery, but they aren't at the Splat Zones. That'll do.

My squidmates have the Splat Zones covered, and press forwards as well to keep the green team away. Good job, squidmates! No one comes my way even, so I just watch the mayhem, until a lone inkling appears. And I blow my moment. Silly tigerears.

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