Splatting it in Splat Zones (3-1, Tri-slosher)

16th November 2016 – 7.00 am

I can't lose in Splat Zones tonight! I've won every battle, even when it didn't seem like we were winning. I've got knockouts, when I didn't think we were holding the Splat Zones. I'm getting dangerously close to S Rank again!

Maybe the Tri-slosher is helping me out. I love this little bucket. I try to get an early flanking manoeuvre again, and again get distracted by a Slosher in the Splat Zones. This time, my sloshing prevails, and I get the splat and can move on to flank.

I pause to see what's happening, see the Bamboozler come my way, and heroically make him pause to splat me, as I somehow fail to surprise him. Never mind, at least I don't walk backwards off that grate, which I have done too many times before.

Another flanking manoeuvre, and I'm pursued by the Bamboozler again. The noise is unmistakable. I do a reverse Disruptor, thinking myself pretty clever for doing so, and although I don't get a splat I don't get splatted either.

No one here, so I move across the corridor to the other side, where a newly placed Killer Wail suggests an inkling. I splat him, thinking he's the Bamboozler, but no. That was another inkling, and the Bamboozler is hassling a squidmate ahead. I move up and splat him too.

A fresh inkling looks to be dropping in front of my bucket, ripe for splatting, but, to my surprise, the battle ends before I can get enough ink her way. Another knockout victory. Me and my teams have really been splatting it in Splat Zones this evening.

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