Charger fun on Bluefin Depot Tower Control (5-5, Splatterscope)

17th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

Let's stick with the Splatterscope for now. Practice makes perfect, or at least better, and the Tower gives me a decent platform to aim at. It looks like we have some heavy opposition, though.

My first splat is actually my trying to be cautious, and I see the inkling come up behind me, but don't account for my team being wiped out and my ending up being surrounded. Well, when in Rome, get splatted with the rest of them.

I exhibit the same old snatching at shots when the Tower first appears, but I realise and try to relax. I think it works. I can't splat the Splatling when its Bubbler is active, but I do manage to push her off the Tower, which is almost as good.

Spurred on by a decent shot, and my squidmates taking good control of the Tower, I press in to the central zone to support the Tower. And when we are pushed back, I either retreat and keep the turf ink or am splatted too and try to restore our position from the back.

I think it all works quite well. I get a lucky splat, and excellent Splat Bomb roll, and hopefully help in a support role like I should. Maybe not my finest game, but certainly one I am happy with.

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