A few good splats in Splat Zones (3-0, Splatterscope)

18th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've had a couple of moderately good battles this session, along with some really bad, quite demoralising, crushing defeats. I keep battling, telling myself that at least the losses get me closer to dropping out of S Rank. And then I finish the evening with this battle.

Sure, I can't hit that slosher on the wall for toffee, but my aim is always a little shaky. I'm trying to improve it continually. What I do manage to do is keep our Splat Zones inked. And, somehow, not attracting the attention of that Roller.

I get a few good splats too, including splatting an inkling in his ink after his Splash Wall drops. Those flukey shots are always satisfying. What I don't realise until after the battle is that I also manage to stay unsplatted. That's always a bonus!

My efforts probably contribute a little to the knockout victory, which is both good and keeps me in S Rank a little longer. So be it, at least I can continue to enjoy the occasional battle.

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