Charging in to chargers in Rainmaker (4-2, Splatterscope)

24th November 2016 – 7.00 am

Okay, I know I'm, not the best charger. Far from it. If you would like more evidence, check out the little battle I have with a better charger from 1'05". Sure, I can manoeuvre quite well, and splat him too, but I never felt in control.

But that's cool! I do the best I can, and if the best I can do is to ignore the range of the Splatterscope and treat it like a melee weapon, like at 1'50", then that's what I'll do.

I think my squidmates can take the credit for just about everything that happens in this battle. I ink some turf, get a couple of splats, and keep the other charger occupied a little, but they do the heavy lifting.

I have to admire the optimism of that inkling aiming the Killer Wail at our squidmate as he dunks the Rainmaker on the podium. Surely he had a better option than that!

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