Not quite controlling the Splat Zones (10-3, Splatterscope)

27th November 2016 – 7.00 am

With Port Mackerel in the map rotation, I swap to the Splatterscope. I like the map/weapon combination, as there is a nice perch to look over our Splat Zone, with a secondary perch for safety. And if I need to, I can drop down and keep the channels clear.

This battle starts off as normal, as I make my way to the perch, but although I can stay there fairly securely, we have to fight for our Splat Zone immediately. Even with a short break from hectic defence, we seem to be on the back foot.

I steal a splat from a Kraken, sorry buddy, and get a lucky splat and some good Splat Bomb splats. But it seems that the opposition Splat Zone remains mostly untouched. We'll never win the battle by controlling only our own Splat Zone. I have to move from my perch.

But, like I say, Port Mackerel has some good, long channels that work well with a charger. You just need to be cautious about the flanking channels, and not push higher than your range requires. I think I achieve both of these goals.

I keep the channels inked, push up so that I can ink the Splat Zone, but am cautious of my range (after that first error in judgment) and of being flanked. Despite this, and getting some good splats, we never quite manage to take control of the second Splat Zone, and the battle ends close, but not in our favour. But that's okay, it was really good fun!

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