Little movement in a charged Tower Control (7-7, Splatterscope)

29th November 2016 – 7.00 pm

Tower Control on Arowana Mall, you say? No wonder there are so many chargers, two on each team. And I'm one of them. But then Urchin Underpass comes up, so the joke's on us, I suppose. I imagine we'll persevere for a few battles, though, waiting for the Mall.

Until then, I will keep at optimal range, not engage foolishly, and support my squidmates on the tower. Or just charge ahead whenever I feel like it, in to trouble and danger, and see if I can can fluke a victory. Someone has to do it, as the tower doesn't look like it's going to move any time soon.

My Splat Bombs are working well, and my aim from below the tower looks impressive. It probably won't last, but I try to maintain a positive attitude and see improvement in these moments.

A blue inkling throws his squid in front of a Splat Bomb to save me at 3'20"! It's very good of him, considering I'm on the green team. I don't pause to consider my existence afterwards, though, just trying to super-jump to someone who got splatted.

In the end, it's some nice Splat Bomb rolling that gets me out of most trouble. And the tower starts going backwards and forwards eventually.

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