A few good splats in Tower Control (7-7, Splatterscope)

30th November 2016 – 7.00 am

Chargers remain popular in Tower Control with the promise of Arowana Mall appearing. It's Urchin Underpass again, though. Let's see if I can make better use of my Splatterscope than in the last battle.

First splat is by aiming! Good job, tigerears. The second is from a Splat Bomb. Well, a Splat Bomb Rush, because there's no way one would do, as my aiming goes to pot even with Splat Bombs.

Getting cornered in our own is a little embarrassing, much like never knowing when I have enough ink for a Splat Bomb. But it's probably more embarrassing to be splatted by the non-scoped version of your own weapon.

Being chased by a shooter, though. Well, I'm not supposed to operate well at close range, so it's more inevitable than embarrassing. What's worse is that the green team are moving the tower a good distance, and we are being pushed ever backwards.

Splatting the two opposing chargers, with a Roller in-between, was a good job, if a little confusing. I thought I'd fluked that second charger as the splat notification came up, but she was still there. Thankfully, I got my wits about myself soon enough and used my trusty Splat Bombs again.

But about that tower. Sure, I turned my own battle around a little, but although we got some decent control of the tower, we never really threatened the green team's lead.

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