Not gonna lose this Tower Control (16-9, Tri-slosher)

1st December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Somehow I never fully learn that rushing headlong to the objective in the middle of the map at the start of a battle almost always gets me splatted. Of course, there are times that I come out on top, but there are also times when it is better to be a little circumspect. Having a Bubbler as a Special and taking time to charge that on the way is probably one of those times.

I try to charge my Bubbler whilst heading to the Tower, and make use of the Disruptor, but I still rush forwards when a little patience would help. Still, after the second splat from being hasty, I seem to settle down and be more sensible.

A good example is leaping off the Tower the moment I get on, as a teal inkling pops his Bubbler. I take the time to ink some turf around the middle, which seems like a fair idea. It charges my own Bubbler, and makes the other team forget where I am.

I get some decent splats, and take back the Tower, but who could have predicted that Killer Wail? Well, the inkling who set it, I suppose. That was a nice bit of positioning.

Some more flanking gets me more splats, mostly because my squidmates are doing a bang-up job of riding the tower to where I will appear. Thanks, squids! I even stay unsplatted for a bit, which is a nice change of pace. Now all we need to do it maintain our lead for half-a-minute. Should be easy enough.

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