Unlucky charger in messy Splat Zones (8-6, Tri-slosher)

4th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

My first Splat Zones battle on Arowana Mall this evening had my forgetting if the extra grates are in this mode, and I went down the middle. The grates are there, so this time I go down the side. It kinda helps, in that I don't get splatted in the Splat Zone, but I misthrow my Disruptor, don't find a charger on a perch, and meanwhile the green team control the Splat Zones.

I survive an Inkstrike thanks to my Bubbler, but then can't squid over a small patch of ink and an splatted by a Splat Bomb. That's what they do, I suppose. But I am chagrined by not finding the charger on one of the perches. I compensate by laying down some distracting ink, then charging forwards and getting my inkling.

My Bubbler protects me from the second Inkstrike, but only as far as the ink not splatting me. The third Inkstrike is one of our own, but it panics me and I squid through a grate, in to water, with my Bubbler active. How embarrassing. Nearly as embarrassing as missing a jump entirely to fall in to water.

I get another opportunity to splat Frank, the charger, and it comes together rather nicely. The third time is a charm too. To be honest, my splats of him are mostly why I am sharing this recording. That, and I am actually responsible for capturing the Splat Zones for that last point to win the battle. Woomy!

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