From good to terrible in Tower Control (6-4, Splatterscope)

5th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I swap to the Splatterscope for some Tower Control sniping. I think about sticking to the standard perches, but quickly discard that to try to be more mobile. Naturally, it doesn't quite work, although at least the splat is mutual.

Going for the perch afterwards bags me two textbook splats, which makes me think this is a good idea. Not for long, as I go mobile again, heading for the tower. Not a bad choice, as it turns out, as I get a good view of the opposition charger, at least for a second.

But my decision to play like a Tri-slosher whilst equipping the Splatterscope starts to backfire. I really don't have the short-range inking power to be effective on the move. Not that it really matters when I'm cornered by three orange inklings. It's a bit desperate.

But I obviously make mistakes too. Thinking I can outflank the orange inklings in control of the tower, I go around the side, but don't see the tell-tale trail in time, dropping down to my inevitable inky doom. I should have just stayed near our base and acted like a charger ought.

Still, the battle ends with a knockout victory, not to us, and I find out we were missing an inkling. Watching back, they disconnected as the battle started. That explains being overrun somewhat, but not my poor decisions. I can do better!

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