Some good splats in Tower Control (9-6, Splatterscope)

6th December 2016 – 7.00 am

After my earlier battle, I try to learn from my mistakes. I want to stick to perches and hang back, rather than charge forwards in to positions that put me at a natural disadvantage.

That's not to say I can't or shouldn't move forwards as circumstances permit. Indeed, I try to lay down some ink for my squidmates at the start of the battle before sidesquidding to a perch.

I also want to move forwards when the Tower is pushed forwards, so that I can continue to provide support. This doesn't work the first time, when I squid up in to a teal squid out for ink. Maybe that's the wrong intermediate perch for the situation.

My aim takes a hit again, it seems, as well as my timing, as I spectacularly miss the super-jumping inkling. But at least I still have Splat Bombs. As Suction Bombs explode all around me, I decide to fight ink with ink, and unleash my own Bomb Rush. Of course, the bombs don't fall through grates, but I manage to work out how to get around that.

Another splatting from the Roller puts me in a position where it becomes clear that a perch needs me. If only I could aim better, the tower wouldn't have been pushed quite so far towards our base. But I calm down and get a couple of good splats in anyway.

A couple more good splats follow. One splatting an inkling mid-jump, the other plucking an inkling out of his ink. I think that makes it a decent enough battle for me.

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