Trying the Hydra Splatling in Splat Zones (8-3, Hydra Splatling)

7th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I'm on a losing streak. It's time to find a new weapon! That way I can either break the streak, or justify it. A scan through the weapons shows me the Mini-splatling, which I've tried before, but trying it on the test ground makes me think its range isn't as suited to Splat Zones as maybe the Heavy Splatling. Or the Hydra Splatling. Let's give the latter a go.

I give the Hydra Splatling a quick go on the test ground, just to get a feel for it. That probably helps a bit, at least to know when it is charged. From there, straight in to Ranked battle, and Splat Zones on Camp Tiggerfish.

The Camp seems like a good place for the Hydra, with the open Splat Zones and gap that can easily be covered by the Splatling. I don't quite get the best feel of the range or inking time of the Hydra, although the charging time I think I get.

What I mostly fail to get is more ink in the Splat Zones. I am shooting all around them, trying to splat inklings, which admittedly would be a help, but there are times when I could be covering the Splat Zones. Thankfully, I realise this off-and-on, and send my ink that way, which I think makes a difference.

I also maintain some situational awareness, which keeps me unsplatted a few times. It's easy to avoid a Splat Bomb landing on you when you don't have ink to finish sloshing, and it's great to be able to squid away at any time. And sitting at the back with a heavy weapon that lets me see inklings trying to flank me is fun!

I have to say, I quite enjoy this outing with the Hydra Splatling. I'll have to take it out again.

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