Trying to break the beakons in Splat Zones (13-8, Tri-slosher)

7th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Time for the Tri-slosher! I think I'll be aiming for inklings more than the Splat Zones, but I never really know what I'm doing until I get in to the battle. But I almost inevitably get splatted in the first encounter. It feels that way, anyway.

After the aborted mission in to opponent territory, I decide to ink the Splat Zones from above. That goes well. Not much else to do, but move around the side, right in to a bunch of yellow inklings, where not even my Disruptor can save me.

Heading back up the wall bags me a few splats, which is nice, particularly the one when I decide to pop my Bubbler. I don't think she expected that. Just as I don't expect an inkling to appear behind me. But I recognise that movement. They super-jumped there.

Sure enough, there are Beakons planted around that corner, giving the yellow inklings easy access to our Splat Zone. We can't have that. It becomes my mission to get rid of those Beakons, and keep them gone.

Whatever else happens, splatting one inkling landing at a Beakon, followed by another inkling at another Beakon a second later, gives me a warm, mission-accomplished feeling. Almost as warm as being in the centre of a Killer Wail.

If only that brush hadn't evaded my sloshed ink. My being splatted takes me away from the Splat Zones just as the clock ticks down, and I won't have enough time to make it back. This battle ain't heading to extra time.

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