A big jump for a little squid in Tower Control (5-2, Splatterscope)

8th December 2016 – 7.00 am

Camp Triggerfish isn't being kind to me today. But that's okay, because Walleye Warehouse has given me a couple of cracking battles. I don't even mind that the Dual Squelcher is running some Defence Up, ruining my partial charges. Looks like it works.

Our early lead looks good, even if we're pushed back a couple of times. Minor setbacks, really. So minor that I don't even realise my squidmates are pushing the Tower forwards when the Killer Wail strikes. I was checking the corridor for blue inkling flanking, and sensibly stayed out of the way as the Wail came. I look out and, well, where is everybody?

My second Splat Bomb Rush is rather more successful than the first, and I follow that with managing to get through the Dual Squelcher's shields. More impressively, despite being somewhat disorientated, I realise that I don't get splatted in that exchange very quickly indeed, and squid back to the Tower.

We make another push forwards. An aggressive one. The Tower looks like it's going all the way, but there is resistance. I move, and even though it looks a little late I manage to make a big leap for a little squid, clinging on to the Tower as it ascends, and get stuck in blue ink as my squidmates are splatted.

I release a defensive Splat Bomb almost as a reflex and, thanks to some happy positioning, not only stay unsplatted for the last few metres the Tower needs to travel to get to the goal, but get two extra splats as we get the knockout victory! Woomy!

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