Could go either way in Rainmaker (10-7, Splatterscope)

10th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

The teams look pretty even at the beginning of this battle. Let's hope it turns out to be a good one. I try to be tactical to start with, using movement and positioning to my advantage, and it works well. Really well. I should do it more often.

And so I do. I am prompted by protecting the Rainmaker, who squids past me to go along a side route. I'll escort you! I make sure the Rainmaker has ink to squid in, any inklings have to come through me, and, when an orange inkling hides around a corner, I go in to take care of her.

Teamwork feels great when it comes together. I hope my squidmate feels the same. It's a shame she got caught in the Inkstrike, but it's not so much of a shame that I fail to pick up the Rainmaker in her place, not with the laser sight shining right on it.

Somehow I not only survive being cornered, but splat the Rainmaker, then evade a Kraken. If we could dunk the Rainmaker now and make me look like an elite player, that would be great. But the battle continues, and even that turns out to be okay, as I am supported on my way to getting a pretty good lead for our team.

I hope everything up to that point makes me look good, because my aim and manoeuvring start to let me down. At least there are Beakons available for me to get splatted more efficiently. But we still operate as a good team, stopping the Rainmaker's advance, and even throwing ourselves in to the path of danger as one.

The orange team make another push as the seconds tick down, and our lead looks to be under threat. No, not this late! But my squidmates have the situation under control. Woomy!

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