Taking charge of Moray Towers Splat Zones (10-3, Tri-slosher)

10th December 2016 – 7.00 am

I love Moray Towers. Whether I'm facing chargers, playing a charger, or just running up and down either side of it, I think it's a great map, particularly with the extra blocks. I'm tempted to pull out the Splatterscope, but I think the Tri-slosher should work really well for sloshing ink down from above too.

It's one thing to rain ink down on to your own Moray Towers Splat Zone, but to do so on the opponents' is quite another. Although you can go directly for their Splat Zone, I prefer a more circuitous route, which is a little less monitored, even if it can throw you in to the path of falling inklings occasionally.

A benefit to the long route is that I can often splat chargers who aren't paying full attention too. Always a little pleasure. I can then work my way up the ramp and slosh to my little heart's content. I just need to watch my flank.

One inkling is splatted squidding up the wall, two more when I go exploring. I get splatted in the process, but that seems like a good deal, as our own Splat Zone is under pressure. My appearance shakes the charger, who has also crossed the gap.

I take care of our Splat Zone for a bit, but it's soon safe to move on. In doing so, I somehow am missed point blank by the charger and splat him again, even forgetting my Disruptor. Sorry about that. But it lets me move back up to ink their Splat Zone again from above.

A bit of a mis-step doesn't end in my doom, thankfully, and when trying to return to my position I see some inky threat from above. Let's not approach this head on, but see if I can remove that threat from behind again. I use a couple of different short-cuts up the Towers and remove that pressure.

Back to ink the Splat Zones from above, and my manoeuvrings are attracting attention. That's okay, I have a Bubbler, and it's charged! Sure, I get splatted as the Bubbler runs out, but I splat my assailants in the process. My only regret is not having the opportunity to have a little victory dance as the counter ticks down to a knockout victory. Woomy!

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